Katie Price leaves Loose Women in tears after talking about her mum and Keith Chegwin

Katie Price broke down in tears and walked off Loose Women on Tuesday, after speaking about her mum, who has the same incurable disease as the late Keith Chegwin.

File photo dated 16/08/12 of Katie Price
File photo dated 16/08/12 of Katie Price

The TV presenter died on Monday aged 60 after a battle with the progressive lung condition idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Appearing on Loose Women to talk about the condition, Price said: “How can my mum die? I love my mum so much,” before asking to leave the studio.

The panel were speaking about the death of the Swap Shop presenter when Price said: “There should be more awareness because once you’re diagnosed from it, it’s too late, it’s an incurable lung disease, no-one knows how you get it.”

File photo dated 10/08/16 of Keith Chegwin

She said after her mum, Amy Price, appeared on the ITV show, Chegwin got in touch.

Price added: “He was trying to help my mum. I knew all along about Keith, I never said it to anyone, and I can’t believe within six months he’s gone.

“The thing is, my mum’s going to die, and I just don’t want her to die, and she’s getting worse, she is having to sell her house because she can’t get up the stairs.

“Sorry, they only asked me to come on Loose Women last night, I knew I shouldn’t have done it.

File photo dated 10/08/16 of Keith Chegwin

“My mum had a cough for about five years and they thought it was asthma and then a few months ago she had a cold and then she went privately - how can my mum die? It might even be my last Christmas with her.”

Price had previously written on Twitter that she was “absolutely gutted” about the death of Chegwin.

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