Killers '˜getting away with it'

The partner of murdered takeaway driver Dan Murray has described his killers as cowards.

Wednesday, 11th May 2016, 8:54 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th May 2016, 9:57 am
Ciara Austin, partner of murdered Dan Murray holds a picture (of her Partner Dan, at the birth their Son Podraig (who is is now 2).

In an interview with the BBC, Ciara Austin said he was killed after being called to what turned out to be a bogus call for a Chinese takeaway delivery.

Ms Austin, who has a young son with Mr Murray, said she had been working on the desk at the takeaway and had taken “the phone call and he knew it wasn’t an address that he usually goes to”.

“He says to me ‘Ciara I don’t usually do this one but I will take it anyway’,” she said.

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“He was set up, it is the only way they could have got him, they have tried time and time again. Cowards, cowards, they had to set him up, come up behind him and shoot him in the car.”

Ms Austin said no-one was standing up to those responsible for the killing.

“Everybody knows who is doing it, the dogs in the street know who is behind it and nobody is standing up to them,” she added.

“They are getting away with it. It is not fair, somebody has to do something, I never ever thought a year ago I would be sitting in this position.”

She also denied any allegations that her partner had been dealing in drugs.

“He has never been convicted of drugs, doesn’t have a drugs charge, there is nothing on his record,” she said.

Father Gary Donegan, parish priest in Holy Cross in north Belfast who is presently “dealing with death threats against 12 men at the moment”, has appealed for those behind the threats and recent shootings to “start talking” in order to try to move forward.

“If we think by shooting people it is going to improve society it is a complete misconception.”