Kingsmills 'murderers' are named

VICTIMS campaigner Willie Frazer has named those allegedly responsible for the murders of 10 Protestant workmen at Kingsmills in 1976.

Mr Frazer made the announcement during a ceremony at the site of the atrocity in south Armagh. The workmen were ordered out of their minibus and shot at the side of the road by the IRA.

Mr Frazer said that the decision to name the alleged murderers in public had been taken because PSNI Historical Enquiries Team (HET) investigations appeared to be making no progress on the case.

"We feel that naming and shaming the killers is the only course of action left open to us," Mr Frazer said.

"This is very much due to the fact that the police, including their Historical Enquiries Team, have made no progress at all with pursuing the perpetrators.

"For over a decade we have investigated these atrocities and have for years known the identities of those responsible. In that time we have worked with the authorities and have passed vital evidence to the police."

However, Mr Frazer said he was unhappy with how police had handled the information.

"It has been clearly demonstrated that police know the names of some of the individuals who carried out this attack.

A named IRA member confessed his role in the massacre to the police and supplied the names of others involved, but police said these statements were now missing, Mr Frazer claimed.

"We hope that this act of naming those involved will spur the police on to take action. However, we are not convinced that this will be the case, because politically-expedient policing seems to be top of the agenda and no one wants to destabilise the peace process because of small issues like justice or accountability."

An HET spokeswoman said: "This is a complex investigation which is ongoing. The HET have been in contact with families and their representatives on an ongoing basis."