Kyle Paisley blasts call for gay criminalisation

Ian Paisley and Kyle Paisley
Ian Paisley and Kyle Paisley

A Free Presbyterian minister has warned Christians that it is “ignorant” to demand that gays should be criminalised.

In a letter to the News Letter, Kyle Paisley warned the Biblical concept of mercy was being put to one side – and said that Christ reserved tough criticism for “proud religious legalists who acted as though [they] had no need of salvation”.

Rev Paisley’s own father had himself backed the campaign to criminalise gay sex via his ‘Save Ulster from Sodomy’ campaign.

He was writing after DUP councillor Paul McLean was quoted as saying that he believed homosexuality should be against the law.

Mr Robinson said that this was not party policy, but told the BBC that if it were, “I would hope if it was illegal people would obey the law”.

The Alliance Party said yesterday that the remarks “the latest in a long line of disgraceful and appalling comments” from the party about homosexuals.

See the News Letter’s Letters section for Rev Paisley’s full remarks .

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