Lambeg ‘Big Yin’ a world-beater

Keith Buchanan from Co Tyrone with what he hopes is the world's largest Lambeg drum
Keith Buchanan from Co Tyrone with what he hopes is the world's largest Lambeg drum

It takes a strong person to play the average Lambeg drum, but a newly-built Co Tyrone drum requires a tractor to get on the move.

Keith Buchanan has overseen the creation of what is believed to be the world’s largest Lambeg.

Known as the ‘Big Yin’, standing at seven feet and two inches high, the drum has been on tour since the Twelfth of July this year.

The imposing instrument was built by Mr Buchanan and his nephews, and will take pride of place at a world record attempt in Pomeroy next Friday evening.

When asked why he had decided to produce the drum, Mr Buchanan replied, “why not? It catches people’s eye and it creates interest.”

Mr Buchanan has dismissed speculation linking the drum to the disappearance of two very large goats, however.

The 42-year-old Moree LOL 195 member explained that the idea of breaking a world record was the brainchild of Moree Community Association, who are based outside Cookstown.

“Several years ago there was a world record set in Kesh for the most number of banners in one place, so this is a sort of similar spin-off from that. I am aiming to see two records being broken – one will be the number of actual Lambeg drums assembled in one place, and the other is biggest number of drummers playing at one time.”

Mr Buchanan is keen to get as many drums and drummers from across the Province as possible to come to Pomeroy.

All skinned and unskinned drums are invited to assist in the record breaking attempt.

A meal for two is on offer to whoever can guess the weight of the ‘Big Yin’ and Willie Drennan will be performing at the event which begins at 7pm.

The registration fee for a drum is £10 and each extra drum costs £5. Further information about the event is available from Keith Buchanan on 07909972835.