Larger entry of cattle meets with strong demand at Lisnaskea

A larger entry sold easily to a very strong demand for quality lots with many more required to supply a growing demand.


STORE BULLOCKS: Lisnaskea producer 580kg Her to £1100, 550kg Shb to £900, 490kg Sim to £828, 370kg Lim to £775 and 430kg AA to £772. Brookeborough producer 570kg Ch to £1068 and 530kg Lim to £958. Newtownbutler producer 500kg Lim to £850.

STORE HEIFERS: Lisnaskea producer 490kg Ch to £950, 480kg Ch to £930, 380kg Lim to £880, 420kg Lim to £850, 420kg Ch to £830, 380kg Lim to £770 and 360kg Lim to £750. Newtownbutler producer 480kg Sim to £880, 380kg Bga to £745, 420kg Daq to £715 and 380kg Ch to £690. Derrylin producer 470kg Sim to £775 and 460kg Sim to £775.

Heifer with heifer valf at foot to £900.

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Lisnaskea producer 450kg AA to £850 and 320kg AA to £710. Lisnaskea producer 440kg Sim to £810. Newtownbutler producer 410kg Ch to £790, 390kg Ch to £765 and 430kg Ch to £752. Knockaraven producer 420kg Lim to £750. Newtownbutler producer 370kg Lim to £740, 400kg Lim to £730 and 310kg Lim to £685. Lisnaskea producer 340kg Sim to £690. Newtownbutler producer 260kg Ch to £695, 210kg Ch to £642, 290kg Lim to £585, 260kg Lim to £578 and 210kg Lim to £558. Lisnaskea producer 340kg Ch to £675, 330kg Lim to £653 and 260kg Lim to £568. Newtownbutler producer 280kg Ch to £650 and 270kg Ch to £650. Derrylin producer 280kg Lim to £628.

WEANLING HEIFERS: Lisnaskea producer 380kg Ch to £758, 390kg Ch to £730 and 340kg Ch to £688. Lisnaskea producer 410kg Ch to £745. Lisnaskea producer 420kg Ch to £685. Newtownbutler producer 360kg Lim to £680 and 360kg Lim to £665. Lisnaskea producer 370kg Ch to £678 and 330kg Sim to £602. Lisnaskea producer 320kg Ch to £585. Lisnaskea producer 310kg AA to £548. Derrylin producer 240kg Lim to £540, 230kg Lim to £540 and 210kg Lim to £470. Newtownbutler producer 220kg Lim to £526.