Bus mishap does not affect rest of Glider fleet: Translink

A promotional image of one of the new Glider buses
A promotional image of one of the new Glider buses

A mishap involving one of Translink’s new Glider buses does not have any wider ramifications for the rest of the fleet, Translink has said.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning in north Belfast.

A bizarre-looking photograph circulated online shows the rear of the upright vehicle apparently dragging along on the ground.

Meanwhile the middle of the vehicle – which is marked by a flexible, bendy-bus-type section – is raised off the ground.

It is not totally clear what happened.

However, a spokeswoman for Translink said that the bus encountered an “incline” on the road as it was turning into a temporary access point to its Milewater servicing centre, and became stuck.

Translink said that the bus was not damaged, and that “adjustments will be made” to the road.

However, the incident happened in the Duncrue area of north Belfast – one of the flattest sections of the city.

The News Letter asked whether the fact the accident occurred in such a level area has ramifications for them when they enter service later this year.

Translink said: “The vehicles do not require modification. There have been no other issues. Just this single incident at this specific location.”

It also said that there “has been extensive work to road infrastructure across Belfast to facilitate the new Glider vehicles, which will be coming into operation on September 3”.

The buses will connect east Belfast, west Belfast and Titanic Quarter via the city centre, and are intended to operate at seven to eight minute intervals throughout the working day.

The intention is for them to run on bus lanes as much as possible – something which has meant the expansion of the existing bus lanes to make them three metres (9.8ft) in width, plus resurfacing and changes to road drainage.