Dutch IRA kidnapping victim hailed 40 years on

Charlie Flanagan
Charlie Flanagan

A Dutch businessman who endured a kidnapping by republicans was honoured on Friday with a lunch hosted by the Dublin government’s foreign minister Charlie Flanagan.

Dr Tiede Herrema was kidnapped in October 1975, but later released unharmed, and his captors caught and jailed.

Dr Tiede was an industrialist whose Limerick factory employed very large numbers of workers.

Mr Flanagan said: “Dr Herrema made a very important contribution to Ireland’s economy in the 1970s when he ran the Ferenka factory in Limerick in the 1970s, the biggest employer in the city at the time.

“He endured a terrifying kidnapping ordeal at the hands of a breakaway IRA faction in 1975 but dealt with this traumatic ordeal with incredible courage and fortitude, supported by his wife Elisabeth...

“That they are here with us this week in Ireland is a credit to them and we are honoured to call them friends of Ireland and of the Irish people.”