Far-right leaflet is spreading ‘lies’ says Alliance

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The distributors of a far-right leaflet in Lisburn have been condemned as liars by the city’s deputy Mayor, Alliance Party councillor Stephen Martin.

The leaflet claims there is an “invasion” underway and warns of terror attacks on Belfast by jihadists.

The leaflets were left on car windscreens outside Bow Street Mall in Lisburn yesterday (Saturday) afternoon.

It follows a similar incident in East Antrim several months ago.

“Everyone is entitled to express their point of view but when a group pretends to defend us all by spreading outright lies intended to divide communities, it needs condemned in the strongest possible terms,” said Alderman Martin.

“This propaganda needs continually challenged – nothing of what they have put into the public domain that actually stands up to scrutiny.

These sorts of groups are only interested in whipping up unnecessary fear to further their own agenda.

“Whoever wrote this offensive material won’t even put their own names to their propaganda.

“These anonymous cowards need challenged on their lies at every turn.”