Jim Allister: PSNI must bring Nolan Show PIRA terrorist to justice

Allister: police should act on Nolan Show call
Allister: police should act on Nolan Show call
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TUV leader Jim Allister said the PSNI should bring to justice the interviewee on this morning’s Nolan Show who “boasted of his terrorist exploits” as a member of the PIRA.

When the man calling himself ‘Eamonn from Derry’ was asked by Stephen Nolan if he wished he’d killed more people he answered “correct” but would not say if he had actually killed anybody.

Mr Allister said: “The fine line between probing journalism and providing a platform for the rewriting of history was, I fear, crossed on the Nolan Show.

“The narrative that the British Army’s actions spawned and justified the Provisional IRA is straight out of the Provo manual. No one was forced to be a terrorist. Eamonn – if that is his real name – chose to be a terrorist. If he murdered, he chose to murder – consciously and deliberately. His affirmation that the unionist population should be driven out fits with that warped terrorist mindset.”

He said that having “boasted on air of his terrorist exploits” the PSNI has a duty to bring him to justice and the Nolan Show should assist by passing on any information of use.