Kingsmills survivor: McElduff video done to create maximum hurt

The sole survivor of the Kingsmills massacre has described Sinn Fein MP Barry McElduff’s punishment by his party as a slap on the wrist.

Alan Black has also raised questions about how premeditated Mr McElduff’s social media post was.

Kingsmills survivor Alan Black and Barry McElduff MP

Kingsmills survivor Alan Black and Barry McElduff MP

Commenting shortly after learning that the Sinn Fein MP had been suspended for three months, he said: “They’ve slapped him on the wrist.

“I’m not political at all and I don’t interfere in politics but to me they’ve circled the wagons.

“He’ll be off the air for three months. It’ll be a while before he’s chuckling on Stephen Nolan’s sofa.”

Mr Black said he had no doubt the Sinn Fein MP was acting deliberately to mock the Kingsmills atrocity.

Alan Black survived the Kingsmills massacre after being shot 18 times

Alan Black survived the Kingsmills massacre after being shot 18 times

“It was done to create maximum hurt.

“I watched it again (yesterday) and where he is walking, the aisle is stacked with Christmas goods. That suggests the video was taken some time over the Christmas period.

“Yet he has waited until January 5, four minutes into the anniversary and that’s when he posted it.

“I’m not impressed with that gentleman at all.”

As Mr McElduff walks down the aisle of McCullagh’s service station in Omagh with a loaf of Kingsmill bread on his head, several large tubs of sweets including Quality Street and Celebrations can be seen on his right.

No one at the store was able to confirm if those tubs of sweets had been removed from the store since Christmas, or indeed if they are still on sale.

The date the video was posted marked the 42nd anniversary of the 1976 attack in which 10 Protestant civilians were taken from their minibus and gunned down at Kingsmills in South Armagh.

The police described the attack as “sectarian savagery” and blamed the IRA, which has never accepted responsibility for the attack.

Mr Black was the only survivor having been shot 18 times.

Of the pain the video and its fallout has caused, Mr Black said: “It’s been a tough few days. It’s brought back a lot of bad memories and it’s hurt a lot of people.

“I live in Bessbrook where community relations are good.

“When I walk up the street people from all sides – Protestants and Catholics – are telling me they’re horrified at what he did. And hurt.

“It makes a joke of Sinn Fein’s campaign of equality, respect and integrity.”

Speaking earlier yesterday on Good Morning Ulster, Mr Black described the video as “a punch to the stomach”.

“I don’t know anyone that could be so callous with that - to mock the dead and dance on their graves is depraved.”

Asked if he would accept Mr McElduff’s offer to meet him, he replied: “Absolutely not. I steer clear from bigots no matter where they come from.

“I don’t want to speak to a bigot, no matter what side of the house they come from. I have no interest in them.”