Londonderry SF mayor to attend WWI event

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The Sinn Fein mayor of Londonderry will attend a World War One commemoration.

Councillor Elisha McCallion, mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, announced she will participate in an event at the city’s Cenotaph on Sunday.

It is organised by the International School for Peace Studies, to mark the 98th anniversary of the Battle of Messines, at which the 36th Ulster Division and other Irish groups fought.

The mayor said: “Thousands of young men from across this island from both the nationalist and unionist traditions fought and died together at Messines and battlefields elsewhere in Europe.”

She said she will go in a “spirit of peace, reconciliation and inclusivity”.

Fellow Sinn Fein member and current Stormont speaker Mitchel McLaughlin had earlier announced he would be taking part.

The mayor (who is meant to represent all citizens of Londonderry and Strabane) recently apologised for condemning dissident republicans by saying “if the Brits couldn’t break us, I doubt they can”.