PSNI refute claims about ‘internment’

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Police have challenged claims that terrorists who are released early are being subjected to “internment without trial” when they breach conditions and are recalled to jail.

PSNI Craigavon said on Facebook that the issue is regularly misrepresented on social media. Prisoners are often released early and usually serve the rest of their sentence “on license” which means they have conditions they must adhere to, police said. “If they breach those, they get taken back to prison for the remainder of the sentence.”

Recently in Craigavon area a man breached his conditions and was recalled to serve the rest of his sentence; he had originally been convicted of possessing a rifle in 2014. It is often peddled there was “no explanation” but all recalled prisoners get a full explanation, police said. There is a simple alternative, the PSNI added: “Serve the sentence in full first time”.