Rev Harold Good was a witness to ETA disarmament

Rev Harold Good. Pic: PA
Rev Harold Good. Pic: PA

A Northern Ireland cleric who witnessed the handover of ETA’s weapons has said it was a hugely important day.

An inventory of the Basque group’s weapons, and their locations, was passed to authorities in a ceremony in Bayonne, France.

Rev Harold Good was also a witness to IRA decommissioning.

“It’s been a very significant day today, hugely significant,” he told the BBC.

“To be here as a part of it has personally been very important for me, but much, much more – hugely important – for this country and hopefully the next step in their peace process.

“I’ve been coming and going to the Basque country over a number of years now; we’ve been trying to encourage them towards this day.

“We’ve been able to tell them from our experience it opens up new opportunities and without the disarmament and decommissioning we’d lose those opportunities.”