Robinson slams ‘boycotter Ford’

PETER Robinson has accused Alliance leader David Ford of lacking pragmatism by quitting Stormont’s anti-sectarianism working group.

Referring to Alliance leader and Executive colleague David Ford as “boycotter Ford”, the First Minister and DUP leader said that Alliance had failed on the issue.

In a lengthy statement he said: “No-one can get absolutely everything they want out of a five-party working group trying to find consensus, but we were making good progress on the document.”

The DUP leader continued: “When Alliance thought they may not get everything they demanded, they childishly walked away from the table.”

He added: “Throughout this process there has been political sniping by David Ford, along with no serious attempt by his party to achieve a shared agreement on good relations.

“It would have been more constructive if the Alliance Party had produced any details at all on their claim of £1 billion cost of division when it was requested by the group.

“They wouldn’t or couldn’t do this, proving the Alliance Party is all bluster and no substance.

“When the Alliance Party claims of being the party of consensus and finding agreement were tested, they failed.”