Scaled back search operation resumes for sea swimmer

A RNLI lifeboat
A RNLI lifeboat

A scaled back search operation has resumed today off the Bangor coast following reports of a woman swimming out to sea.

Police said the report of a swimmer came around 2.45pm on Monday.

The major land and sea search operation was called off last night with a woman reported missing still unaccounted for.

Today a spokeswoman for HM coastguard said the “primacy has now been handed over to the police and it is now police led”.

“The search was stood down last night and then rescaled this morning,” she said.

“At this stage of the search we remain vigilant and Coastguard rescue officers remain on the ground doing shoreline searches.

“We will remain vigilant for the next few days. Those who were involved will continue off their own back.”

Yesterday both the PSNI and Irish Coast Guard deployed helicopters following reports that a woman had swam out to sea, leaving behind a pile of clothes on a pier.

Two RNLI lifeboats and several other vessels also joined the operation in the sea off Bangor after the alarm was raised yesterday afternoon.

The inland search was centred on the Brompton Park area of the seaside town.

A shoreline search by torchlight continued after dark.