Sean Marley apology

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On May 20, we published an article entitled “IRA rape survivor calls for ‘perversion of justice’ probe”.

In the second paragraph of this article, Sean Marley, 45, was wrongly identified as the rapist of Paudie McGahon.

In fact, the individual convicted of the rape of Paudie McGahon was Seamus Marley, 45.

Though the remainder of the article correctly referred to Seamus Marley as the convicted rapist, we accept and understand that there would have been some people who, after reading the article, understood Sean Marley to be the guilty party.

Accordingly, we wish to make it clear that Sean Marley has never been arrested, charged or convicted of rape, and to apologise sincerely for any damage, distress and embarrassment that he has suffered as a result of this error.