Strategic rethink necessary: RNU

RNU does not accept the PSNI
RNU does not accept the PSNI
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Republican Network for Unity’s Easter Message has been seen as potentially signalling a significant change in dissident republican strategy.

Speaking in Ardoyne on Saturday former republican prisoner Gary McNally said that “a strategic rethink is required from both the individual republican activist and organisational republicanism”.

Republican Network for Unity (RNU) has been said to be the political wing of Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH).

RNU sent “comradely greetings” to the terror group at its 2011 AGM.

RNU rejects the PSNI and Belfast Agreement and also campaigns for release of dissident prisoners.

Mr McNally continued: “For a protracted period, the republican movement has been engaged in a process of debate, discussion and deliberation about the future of the republican struggle, and in particular, the future of our movement.”

There have been recent “changes in the political arena,” he added.

“We have assessed our strengths and weaknesses, we have taken stock of our capabilities and our inabilities, we have looked at what we do well and what we do poorly, we have measured this against the current political climate, the will of the average person in our community and recent local and global changes in the political arena,” he said.

“We recognise that we must move forward with our people, not without them and not ahead of them or eventually they will move forward without us.

“For too long Irish republicans have remained on their knees, constrained by an inability to modernise and accept the situation on the ground.”