Tyrone wind turbine collapse first we have seen, says firm

The wind turbine collapsed on Friday
The wind turbine collapsed on Friday
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The company behind a turbine which collapsed in spectacular fashion in Co Tyrone has said it has never seen such an event before.

Nordex said it had installed around 340 of the same model of turbine in Europe and Asia since 2001.

It described them as “proven” on strong wind sites, adding: “We have not seen a comparable incident in the past.”

This specific model of turbine is called an N80/2500, but there are others from the same general class.

A spokesman for the German-based firm added: “From the 2500-MW-Class family around 3,000 turbines are turning (they are all equipped with the similar drive train concept). The family is popular and well tested.”

When it comes to the investigation into the collapse, he said the firm will not speculate on a reason and it is not possible to say how long the probe will take.

The £2m wind turbine toppled over on Friday evening at Screggagh wind farm, off the B122 between Fintona and Fivemiletown.

The Department of the Environment, which has responsibility for planning, said it does not hold records on how many turbines are operating in Northern Ireland.

Current rules do not generally permit turbines within around 500m (1,640ft) of occupied properties.

The DoE said the details of each application differ “and therefore each application will be determined on its own merits and separation distances may differ in every case”.