VIDEO: Dolphins spotted off Donegal coast

A pod of bottlenose dolphins have been spotted off the coast of Donegal.

The mesmerising mammals were caught on camera by the Arranmore Blue Ferry team on Tuesday morning.

A bottlenose dolphin. (Video courtesy of Arranmore Blue Ferry)

A bottlenose dolphin. (Video courtesy of Arranmore Blue Ferry)

The dolphins can be seen swimming alongside the ferry as it made its way towards Arranmore island.

The dolphins also appeared on Monday morning when many school children from Arranmore were on the ferry on their way to school.

"They were about yesterday as well on the 8.45am sailing to the island when the school kids were making their way across so it was a great novelty for them to see them jumping," said Rachel from Arranmore Blue Ferry.

Bottlenose dolphins are the most common dolphins to live in sea water and they are found virtually everywhere in the world except the Arctic and Antarctic circles.

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