‘Why did the IRA murder my wife the census worker, Mr McGuinness?’

Shane and Lowry Mathers
Shane and Lowry Mathers
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Lowry Mathers, whose wife Joanne, 29, was shot dead by the IRA when collecting census forms in Londonderry in 1981, has called on Martin McGuinness to reveal what he knows about the murder.

“Seeing as he is retiring I am sure he will come forward and tell the truth,” Mr Mathers said. “There is no reason why he can’t come forward and come clean; and not just for my sake but for my son Shane’s sake, after all these years.”

He would like to know the reason his wife was murdered.

Aileen Quinton’s mother Alberta was killed in the 1987 Enniskillen bomb, to which Martin McGuinness has been linked. She said he “should not be on a position to retire from public office” because nobody should have been allowed into office if they “fail to disclose all the information they have about serious crimes”.