Lewsley ends smacking legal bid

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CHILDREN'S commissioner Patricia Lewsley has abandoned her legal attempts to ban smacking.

Ms Lewsley, who has already spent over 200,000 of taxpayers' money in her campaign, admitted she has had to call it a day in terms of fighting her case in the courts due to "financial constraints".

Earlier this year, the Court of Appeal rejected the commissioner's call to outlaw parents from smacking their children.

"I am disappointed that I cannot continue my legal efforts to end the unequal treatment of children who suffer an assault," Ms Lewsley said.

"However, I will continue my efforts to make sure that children have equal treatment and protection in law."

Commenting on the situation Ms Lewsley finds herself in, PUP leader Dawn Purvis said: "This has been a contentious issue, however the Children's Commissioner has been put in place to look after the interests of all children, this is an issue that she has found to be a priority and yet she does not feel she has the funds to address it - that is concerning."

"If the Children's Commissioner cannot act on behalf of all children - who can?"

She added: "It is my view that smacking children is wrong and is counter productive. However this is not about criminalizing parents but about helping to provide them with the tools and ability to discipline a child without resorting to violence."