Lisburn company’s £1.2m investment in buildingtechnology

Lisburn-based OKTO Technologies has invested £1.2m in a design studio, a ‘mirror-build’ laboratory and employment of 20 new staff.

Thursday, 14th November 2019, 2:10 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th November 2019, 2:14 pm
At work in the 'Mirror Build' lab at OKTO Technologies

OKTO, which is involved in the development and delivery of ‘smart building technologies’, in hotels, commercial offices, recently won four contracts worth more than £10.5m to deliver its bespoke ‘smart-building’ technologies at residential properties currently under construction in London.

The company’s new design studio and ‘mirror-build’ laboratory enable the team to pre-assemble and test each project under factory conditions in Lisburn before being transported and installed in its final destination.

The company says that the new facility “delivers significant time savings of up to 75 per cent”.

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OKTO Technologies’ founder and managing director, Philip Dowd, said: “Together with the company’s uncompromising and meticulous attention to detail, mirror-build provides better quality systems which are delivered faster than any of our competitors can come close to.

“In the complex and multi-layered world of high-end property development, the benefits of OKTO’s mirror-build lab are fully realised at commissioning stage when snags and mistakes are most costly – both financially and in terms of time. Nothing is left to sort out on site.

“With every hour spent in the mirror build lab equating to four hours saved on site, the efficiencies are significant.

“Thanks to our people, our facilities and our pioneering systems we are redefining how technologies are developed and delivered. By focusing on the fine detail, problem-solving up front, and ensuring 100% accuracy throughout, we provide a service which is well beyond the industry norm and which meets the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are proud to have a reputation for perfection.”

OKTO’s latest investment is part of the company’s plans to be world’s leading ‘Smart Buildings Integrator’, generating £70m in annual turnover and trebling its workforce by 2025.