Lobbyists’ body says Gareth Robinson’s firm isn’t a member

Gareth Robinson (l) pictured with father Peter (r)
Gareth Robinson (l) pictured with father Peter (r)

The Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC) — the body which represents and regulates many lobbyists across the UK — has said that Gareth Robinson’s company, Verbatim Communications, is not one of its members.

The body said that it required all its members to publish a full list of their clients quarterly.

However, as Mr Robinson is not a member he is not bound by the body’s code and he does not publish a list of those for whom he works.

There is no legal requirement for lobbyists to register with a regulatory body.

On Tuesday, Mr Robinson declined to publish a list of his clients, claiming that they are “covered under data protection” and that to publish their names would require their authorisation.

However, the Data Protection Act does not protect corporate data, but is a law designed to ensure the privacy of individuals.

And, in response to legitimate questions asking him to clarify his work, Mr Robinson sent an email to this newspaper on Tuesday which said: “I would point out that should my business be damaged by your unhealthy fixation with me, my clients and my company will take all action open to me.”

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