Long queues for alcohol say Springsteen fans

Bruce Springsteen in Belfast
Bruce Springsteen in Belfast

Complaints of long queues to buy water and beer at the Bruce Springsteen concert in Belfast on Saturday have flooded twitter.

The show lasted more than three hours.

Renowned for his energetic and lengthy performances, the 63-year-old treated those present to a 30-song set, including an eight-song encore.

Fans had queued for hours – and some dedicated music-lovers had been there since earlier in the week – in the hope of securing a prime position in the crowd.

Speaking on Radio Ulster about the queue for the bars, radio presenter Lynette Fay said she stood for “50 minutes and I got off lightly compared to a lot of other pepople”.

“I thought it was very badly organised for 27,000 people,” she added.

“It was a pity because it had been a great opportunity to showcase Belfast in a fantastic light and show what we can do and we didn’t seize that opportunity.”

She said that when she saw ‘The Boss’ at the RDS last year “when you went to the bar it took 10 minutes and you missed two songs and you can deal with that”.

“But it was the opposite on Saturday night. We paid £80 in and there were no facilities.”

However on Sunday and Monday Twitter was abuzz with how long it took punters to access water and beer at the bars.

Chair of Feile an Phobail, Danny Morrison, said “Springstein’s people should’ve asked Féile to run the bars at Balmoral grounds. 25 years experience! Great service!”

And @molloy1916 said: “I didn’t even bother queuing! For 5 hours I was tee-total! #neveragain”.

Meanwhile @NickyThomas77 added: “Not sure why ppl moaning so much about queues for drink (alcohol) at Springsteen’s Belfast concert - surely fans go for music? No?”

A health and safety issue was raised by @NickyThomas: “I could understand, given the heat, if people needed water - that’s different, that’s a health and safety issue.”

However Belfast Springsteen fan Brendan Mulgrew said he “could not understand what the fuss was about”.

“I saw people giving out water in cups, but there was a massive queue for beer. It seemed to be badly organised.”

A statement from the ‘bar operator’ released via concert organiser Aiken said: “We apologise to those customers who had to wait on Saturday night for a drink.

“The bar ran very well for most of the evening.

“There were 75 taps and 135 staff, however for a period of time there was excessive demand and staff worked extremely hard to serve people as quickly as possible.”