Magaluf pub crawl organiser refuses to apologise over NI teen’s sex video

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The organiser of a Majorca pub crawl which last week saw a teenage girl from Northern Ireland perform sex acts on 24 men in public has refused to apologise for the stunt.

The 18-year-old, from Portadown, was filmed while on the Carnage pub crawl in the popular resort of Magaluf, with footage appearing on social media sites.

Paul Smith, head of Carnage Events Magaluf, yesterday claimed he was not fully aware of what was happening and admitted that he should have been more in control.

But he refused to apologise to the girl’s family, telling 5 News: “I’ve made mistakes, I’m human and I’m here to rectify them and make sure this doesn’t happen again, (but) why should I apologise?

“What have I done wrong? I’ve made mistakes but I wasn’t the one who forced her to get to the floor.

“I’m not going to apologise to the family – I’m sorry.”

Mr Smith said he had been disgusted by the video but denied that people heard egging the girl on were his reps.

“I was disgusted by it – disgusted by the young lady doing it,” he said.

“I can’t say that my reps encouraged that because that’s not what happened.

“She should be spoken to by her parents. Is it something to do with upbringing?

“I feel sorry for the girl but Carnage never forced her to do what she did, as you can see in the video there was no-one there holding her or forcing her, nothing like that.”

Meanwhile, authorities on the Spanish island said they were cracking down on pub crawls on the island after last week’s incident.

Manuel Onieva, the mayor of Calvia, the region which includes Magaluf and five other resorts popular with Britons, said he had passed a law “giving us tighter control over the operation of pub crawl organisers”.