Man arrested by police after attempted robbery

Edward Street, Lurgan.
Edward Street, Lurgan.

Police arrested a man following an attempted robbery in Lurgan on Saturday.

They are appealing for information on a series of incidents believed to be connected with the arrest.

Police said: “One male was arrested for attempted robbery, attempted GBH with intent (on one of the arresting officers), disorderly behaviour, assault on police, arson with intent to endanger life, and criminal damage.”

In a social media post on Sunday police said; “What has emerged overnight is that there were more incidents than we initially thought.

“We’d be keen to speak to anyone who was in McDonald’s on Edward Street, Lurgan around 4.30pm yesterday (Saturday, June 18). We believe an assault took place on a female near the till area.

“We also believe that as the suspect made off along Edward Street, Portadown Road, Old Portadown Road, and Drumlin Drive that other vehicles may have been damaged or attacked, and possibly some people too.

“If this applies to you, or you know anyone it does apply to, please give us a ring on 101 quoting incident 985 of 18/06/16.”

They praised the public response following the incident: “This one we have to give you guys equal credit for. From those who stopped to help the victim, those who called us in with a really good description of the suspect and which way he was running, those who used Jedi-esque skills to clear a path for our vehicles as we blue lighted through the town and those who were brave enough to step up and point him out.

“When the team pulls together, it makes results like this really easy, but if one of those chains break, it can all fall apart.

“Keep phoning in suspicious behaviour, keep an eye out for each other, and whatever you Lurganites are eating to make you sense blue lights so early on, keep munching! If you keep doing that, we can keep catching bad guys.”