Man arrested for semtex attack on PSNI

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A 30-year-old man arrested in the Belfast area in relation to attempted murder and possession of explosives on 14 June has been released pending a report to the PPS.

The arrest was in relation to a rocket attack on police officers at Lisnaskea on 16th August 2008.

Semtex was used in the dissident republican attack on a foot patrol.

Two police officers were treated for shock and one for minor injuries.

An attempt was made to fire an improvised rocket-propelled grenade, but it failed to launch properly.

It was the first time dissidents used Semtex, a commercial explosive supplied by Libyan dictator Col Muammar Gaddafi to the Provisional IRA.

DCC Paul Leighton said in 2008 that it looked like “old stocks”.

He added: “It does not appear to be new Semtex, so it does not raise a concern with me that they have a new supply of Semtex.”