Massive entry of 1643 cattle at Clogher Mart

Another massive entry of 1643 cattle on offer at Clogher Mart last week sold to a very keen demand for quality lots in all sections.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 19th September 2016, 9:20 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 1:56 pm

In the fatstock ring cow heifers sold to a top of £195 for a 690kg Ch. £179 for a 710kg Lim and £178 for a 650kg Lim.

Beef cows sold to a top of £193 for a 790kg Ch. £192 for a 890kg B/B and £173 for a 610kg Sim.

Leading prices as follows:

Lisbellaw producer 690kg Ch to £195. Clogher producer 790kg Ch to £193 and 890kg B/B to £192. Beragh producer 710kg to £179, 680kg Ch to £168, 830kg Lim to £162 and 810kg B/B to £160. Greysteel producer 650kg Lim to £178. Castlederg producer 660kg Lim to £175. Dungannon producer 610kg Sim to £173 and 680kg AA to £165. Ballygawley producer 650kg Lim to £166. Moneymore producer 700kg Sim to £166. Killylea producer 520kg Lim to £163. Ballygawley producer 690kg Lim to £163. Comber, Co Down, producer 850kg Lim to £160 and 780kg Lim to £158. Fivemiletown producer 420kg Ch to £160. Killylea producer 510kg AA to £159. Ballygawley producer 520kg Lim to £157.

Other quality lots sold from £130 to £154 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £114 to £128 per 100kg.

Well fleshed Friesian cows sold from £109 to £118 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £86 to £108 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £57 to £78 per 100kg.

FAT BULLS: 830kg B/B to £139. 1080kg B/B to £129. 950kg Lim to £112. 1090kg Her to £107. 910kg Lim to £107. 970kg Lim to £105. 1080kg Ch to £102. 930kg Ch to £101. 850kg AA to £101.

FAT STEERS (overage): 600kg Lim to £194. 670kg Ch to £193. 700kg Ch to £179. 680kg Lim to £170. 630kg AA to £160. 720kg Fr top £131. 740kg Fr to £115. 1070kg Lim to £104. 720kg B/B to £102.

FAT STEERS (underage): 590kg B/B to £187. 600kg Par to £186. 440kg Daq to £183. 530kg Lim to £179. 540kg Ch to £175. 570kg Sim to £173. 610kg AA to £168. 560kg Daq to £168. 520kg Her to £168. 550kg Ch to £166. 590kg B/B to £166. 560kg Sim to £165. 560kg Lim to £164. 780kg AA to £149.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 520kg Ch to £190. 520kg Lim to £184. 460kg Lim to £181. 530kg B/B to £174. 620kg Lim to £167. 410kg AA to £166. 410kg AA to £152. 580kg Hol to £127. 500kg Fr to £126. 490kg Fr to £120. 510kg Fr to £115. 490kg Fr to £112. 520kg Fr to £111. 510kg Hol to £109.

STORE BULLOCKS (472): A large entry sold to a very strong demand for a lot of quality stock on offer forward lots sold to £1415 for a 760kg Ch and £1365 for a 700kg Ch to J J Sharkey, Fivemiletown. Harold Erskine, Ballygawley £1350 for a 680kg Ch. Dungannon producer 680kg Ch to £1340, 670kg Ch to £1340, 690kg Ch to £1325, 660kg Ch to £1310. 630kg Ch to £1300. 620kg Lim to £1285, 640kg Lim to £1285, 630kg Lim to £1275, 620kg Lim to £1270 and 630kg Ch to £1260. R J Wright, Portadown 660kg Ch to £1325 and 640kg B/B to £1285. M Lenny, Ballygawley 650kg Ch to £1310, 650kg Par to £1300 and 610kg Lim to £1290. M Agnew, Omagh 660kg Ch to £1290.D O’Keefe, Newry 580kg Ch to £1235.

MED WEIGHT STORES 410KG TO 500KG: Pomeroy producer 420kg Ch to £1040 and 410kg Ch to £975. M McCaffery, Clogher 500kg Ch to £1020. A J McKenna, Dungannon 500kg B/B to £1000 and 490kg Lim to £980. M Slane, Carrickmore 450kg Lim to £1000. F McStay, Lurgan 460kg AA to £985 and 500kg Daq to £975. J Keenan, Fivemiletown 490kg Ch to £975. D J Primrose, Fivemiletown 470kg Ch to £970 and 490kg AA to £950. K Irvine, Lisbellaw 450kg Ch to £970. J Waterson, Derrylin 470kg Daq to £960. J Jordan, Dungannon 480kg Ch to £960. H Donnelly, Armagh 460kg Ch to £940 and 500kg Lim to £930. W McAdam, Portadown 500kg AA to £940. A T Martin, Derrylin 460kg Lim to £935. J Lavelle, Whitecross 470kg Lim to £930. SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: M Slane, Carrickmore 390kg Lim to £930. M McKenna, Clogher 350kg S/H to £735. W D Bothwell, Fivemiletown 340kg AA to £630, 330kg AA to £620, 300kg AA to £540 and 270kg Her to £455.

STORE HEIFERS (320): A great entry sold readily with strong stores selling to £1315 for a 710kg AA. 650kg AA to £1235, 610kg AA to £1165 and 620kg AA to £1150 for W D J Graydon, Brookeborough. Wm Martin, Caledon 670kg Lim to £1310 and 660kg Ch to £1285. A Macari, Armagh 570kg Ch to £1240. M McCaughey, Aughnacloy 640kg Ch to £1200, 600kg Ch to £1170 and 610kg Ch to £1150. E Gillespie, Dungannon 610kg Lim to £1195. K Brannigan, Dungannon 560kg Ch to £1190. A McManus, Ballinamallard 550kg Ch. to £1180 and 560kg Ch. to £1150. M & J T Johnston Belleek 590kg Ch to £1180 twice. K Henry, Sandholes 550kg Daq to £1180. L Potts, Dungannon 570kg Lim to £1175. F Donnelly, Armagh 580kg Ch to £1170. J Ferguson, Stewartstown 550kg Ch to £1150. B Quinn, Dungannon 550kg Ch to £1150.

MED WEIGHTS 410KG TO 500KG: K Brannigan, Dungannon 500kg Ch to £1070. F Donnelly, Armagh 500kg Lim to £1045 P and R O’Hanlon, Ballygawley 480kg Sim to £1040, 480kg Lim to £1000, 490kg Ch to £1000 and 470kg Lim to £960. R Moore, Ballygawley 470kg Ch to £1030. M and J T Johnston, Beleek 490kg Ch to £1030, 490kg Ch to £1025 twice and 490kg Ch to £1015. B Quinn, Dungannon 470kg Ch to £1020, 470kg Ch to £1000, and 480kg Ch to £960. D Mooney, Upper Ballinderry 480kg Lim to £1010. B McGrenaghan 470kg Lim to £1005. N Cochrane, Portadown 470kg Ch to £1005. R Giles, Beragh 490kg AA to £980. K Henry, Sandholes 490kg Lim to £970. A McManus, Ballinamallard 480kg Ch to £950.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: G Clendenning, Fivemiletown 400kg Ch to £870 and 380kg Ch to £815. D McManus, Roscor PO 400kg Ch to £845, 370kg Lim to £800 and 380kg Ch to £700. H Cochrane, Portadown 380kg Ch to £830 and 350kg Lim to £740. J McCrystal, Ballygawley 370kg Lim to £780 380kg Lim to £765, 360kg Lim to £695 and 340kg Lim to £685. G Corry, Trillick 370kg Ch to £780 380kg Ch to £760, 380kg Lim to £730, 370kg Lim to £730 and 350kg Lim to £685. T Grew, Corranny 360kg Ch to £745.

WEANLINGS (220): Another good entry sold to a sharp demand with steers and bulls selling to £1040 for a 460kg Ch and £860 for a 370kg Lim to M Hackett, Augher. S McAleer, Omagh 430kg Ch to £1020. D Kennedy, Tassagh 410kg Lim to £980. P Tally, Galbally 480kg Lim to £960. Dungannon producer 510kg Sim to £945, 360kg Ch to £940 and 410kg Sim to £865. E H Sharkey, Fivemiletown 430kg Lim to £935, 370kg Lim to £900, 340kg S/H to £890 and 370kg Lim to £880. C Robinson, Benburb 370kg Lim to £915. D McKenna, Clogher 410kg Ch to £905. P Donnelly, Cappagh 480kg Ch to £900. S Williamson, Benburb 370kg Lim to £880. B O’Neill, Dungannon 330kg Shb to £855. J M McGovern, Clogher 330kg Ch to £855. P Stewart, Belcoo 420kg Ch to £850.

WEANLING HEIFERS: J M McGovern, Clogher 520kg Lim to £950. T and J McCarney, Seskinore 400kg Daq to £900 and 330kg Daq to £735. G Trainor, Dungannon 430kg Ch to £835 430kg Ch to £795, 430kg Ch to £785 and 420kg Ch to £810. S McAleer, Omagh 370kg Ch to £835. P Donnelly, Cappagh 390kg Ch to £825 and 430kg Ch to £715. E H Sharkey, Fivemiletown 330kg Lim to £780. M McCaffery, Middletown 330kg Ch to £775, 310kg Ch to £755 and 320kg Ch to £740. S Williamson, Benburb 360kg Lim to £770. B O’Neill, Dungannon 300kg Ch to £750. L A Downey, Lisglass, Londonderry 370kg Ch to £720 and 330kg Ch to £720. P McGovern, Fivemiletown 250kg Ch to £710. C Rafferty, Ballygawley 320kg Lim to £700.

DAIRY COWS & HEIFERS: A good entry sold readily for quality lots with a Dungannon producer selling calved heifers to £1400 and £1260. Keady producer £1350 for calved heifer. F Collins, Lisnaskea £1165 for a second calver. F Dunne, Dromore £1000 each for second calvers. C Rutledge, Maguiresbridge £1000 each for calved heifers. P Teague, Dromore £960 for springing heifer. Others sold from £750. Special entry Saturday 24 September 2016, six well bred Holstien maiden heifers from high yielding dams for a local producer.

BREEDING BULLS: T Lester, Killylea, £1600 for a pedigree registered Daq, Beleek producer £1200 for pedigree registered Char.

SUCKLER COWS & CALVES: A smaller entry this week sold to a sharp demand especially for quality lots with Eugene Fee, Fivemiletown, selling a heifer and bull calf to £1730 and a heifer and bull calf to £1580. S Johnston, Fintona £1630 for second calver and bull calf. C McCombe, Clogher £1505 for a heifer and bull calf, £1200 and £1130 for heifers with heifer calves. Ed McCann, Fintona £1480 for heifer and bull calf. Mountain View Farms, Augher £1370 for 2011 cow and heifer calf. Cathal Rooney, Rosslea £1305 for heifer and bull calf and £1150 for 07 cow and heifer calf. Lots of others sold from £880 to £1120.

Special entry of suckler cows for Saturday 24 September 2016.

DROPPED CALVES & REARED CALVES: A good entry sold to a brisk demand with bull calves (under two months) selling to £400 for a Lim to R Moore, Ballygawley. C Smyth, Rosslea £390 for Ch. G J Park, Stewartstown £350, £325, £310 and £305 for Lims. C Connelly, Rosslea £340 for B/B. P A and J Grue, Lisnaskea £330 for Ch. J R Keys, Brookeborough £320 for Sim. R B Magee, Eniskillen £315 for AA. P Doyle, Trillick 290 for B/B. Moran Farms, Derrylin £285 for AA.

HEIFERS: C Smyth, Rosslea £410 for Lim. S Erskine, Ballygawley £380 for Lim. G J Park, Stewartstown £310 for Her and £300 for AA. P A and J Grue, Lisnaskea £300 for Ch. Wm Wilson, Dungannon £300 for Ch.

REARED BULLS: R Moore, Ballygawley £690 for Ch. M Rafferty, Aughnacloy £680, £600 and £525 for Chars. Wm Wilson, Dungannon £660 for Ch. O McKeever, Keady £655 and £640 for Lims. G Foster, Kinawley £635 and £545 for B/Bs. P Hughes, Keady £620 for Sim. J Feeney, Greysteel £605 for Ch. N and A Johnston, Fivemiletown £590 for Ch. Magheraveely producer £585 for Ch. E J Mitchell, Clogher £540, £535, £505 and £450 for Sims. A and A Maguire, Rosslea £485 for AA. D Boylan, Aughnacloy £480 for Lim. J McDonnell, Fivemiletown £450 for Ch.

REARED HEIFERS: M Rafferty, Aughnacloy £620, £590, £590, £545, £540, £505 and £490 for Chars. Clogher producer £605 and £600 for Lims. P McGovern, Fivemiletown £545 for Ch. J McNulty, Strabane £540 for Ch. Clogher producer £530 for Lim and £530 for Ch. O McKeever, Keady £495 for B/B. C McDonnell, Brookeborough £470 for Ch. D McManus, Derrylin £430 and £390 for Lims.