McNarry calls for Treasury oversight of Stormont finances

David McNarry
David McNarry

A senior Treasury official should be appointed to watch over the NI Executive’s finances if a new government bail out plan is accepted, David McNarry has said.

The Ukip NI leader described any deal that involved borrowing billions of pounds as “a long-term gamble with multiple short-term repercussions”.

Mr McNarry said: “I am calling for a senior Treasury official to be seconded over the next ten-year period to carry out a monthly spending audit-watch on Stormont’s financial management and level of ministerial competence.

“This apparent all-party agreement, which they are asking Cameron to endorse and underwrite, is only a ten-year break-even plan. There is no provision for economic growth, only a future of money pay-backs with interest.

“These Ministers have no credible record of looking after public money so how on earth can they be trusted to manage affairs stretching over a ten-year period?”

The Strangford MLA added: “Because this deal must show it is not simply a begging-bowl bail-out and prove to Cameron that there is real Northern Ireland input, I believe the public are being primed for a bargain-basement auction of public assets selling off the family silver, including Belfast Harbour, while paving the way for water charges and means-testing on prescription charges and concessionary fares”.