Mid-Ulster MLA apologises for absence from work

Mid Ulster MLA Sandra Overend
Mid Ulster MLA Sandra Overend
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Mid-Ulster MLA Sandra Overend has apologised to her constituents after surgery has left her unfit to work.

The Co Londonderry UUP politician said in a Facebook post: “I’m off work at the moment; it’s rather unusual. If you know me, I’m usually looking for another hour every day to get more fitted in.

“Life has been hectic for the past few months, working late at Stormont and then straight into an election, and of course following a great result back to the helm at Stormont again, not forgetting keeping up the constituency office in Mid Ulster.”

She added: “However, a few months back I found a lump just below my ear. I thought it might just go away, being stress related or something. Anyway, it didn’t so I went to the Dr to get it investigated, which they did, needle tests followed by an MRI scan. So it showed up as benign, good news, but they wanted to remove it, as these things could turn cancerous later.”

She said the operation took place on June 7.

“Extracapsular Dissection of Parotid Tumour - it was a 2-3 hour op under general anaesthetic, and all went successfully,” she said in her Facebook post.

She added: “I came home from hospital the next day and have been doing very little ever since. To be honest with you, it has knocked me for six. I haven’t been in any form to help constituents, even by email, which I apologise for.”

Ms Overend said she has since got her stitches out and “the surgeon was very happy with how the wound was healing, and the swelling was going down”.

“I hate letting people down and I hope you will understand why I need to take some time to myself. Hopefully another week will do...,” she said.