MP Jim Shannon out of hospital after emergency surgery

Strangford MP Jim Shannon
Strangford MP Jim Shannon

DUP MP Jim Shannon has praised medical staff after he was released from hospital following emergency surgery.

Mr Shannon revealed today that he underwent surgery at the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald because of a severe infection.

The DUP man had been referred to the hospital by his GP after “suffering pains for five to seven days”.

He said: “Upon presentation at A&E I was along with dozens of others put through triage. I was put on painkillers, given tests, a necessary MRI scan and was urgently referred for an emergency operation due to a severe infection.

“Can I extol the staff from my own GP to the receptionists at The Ulster, as for the excellent doctors, nurses and to the consultants, with a wealth of expertise and confidence. The surgeon, who performed the operation showed skill and I had total faith in his decisions and I cannot express enough thanks for the care of the nurses who showed love and dedication in the most difficult of circumstances.”

Mr Shannon admitted there are problems with the health service, but emphasised that the public should be “eternally thankful” for all the work that medical staff do.

“I watched the NHS in action and it was extremely busy but every member of staff was around and totally committed,” he added.

“They were worked off their feet but never faltered. The pressure was on and yet they made the right call and the fact that in the midst of what seemed to be madness I felt secure and cared for means a great deal.

“I want to say a big thank you to all of them, nobody was forgotten about, nobody was neglected, everyone was important and that is why our NHS is truly the best in the world. The staff are unsurpassable in their commitment, let’s give thanks for all that they do and will continue to do, to care for us and keep us alive.”