MP’s plea to remember RUC and UDR dead

Tom Elliott said Sunday's service was 'very moving'
Tom Elliott said Sunday's service was 'very moving'

A UDR member-turned-politician has called for the public to keep in mind the bloodshed inflicted upon the security forces during the Troubles, as two plaques were unveiled in their memory.

Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott, representing Fermanagh and South Tyrone, said people “must not forget the ultimate sacrifice” paid by RUC and UDR members, after attending a service in their honour at the weekend.

He described the gathering on Sunday at Devenish Parish Church, Monea, Co Fermanagh, as “very moving”.

Two memorial plaques, for RUC officers and UDR soldiers, were officially unveiled on the day.

Mr Elliott said on Tuesday: “It is crucial that as we move through the political process those who gave everything are not forgotten.

“Having served in the UDR, I knew many of those who tragically lost their lives because of terrorism.

“We should also remember the thousands of security force personnel who were injured by terrorist actions, many of whom still live with those issues today, which affects their physical health and mental wellbeing.

“Terrorism is not only a thing of the past in Northern Ireland, there are still those in our society who subvert the rule of law and continue to maim and kill our brave police and prison officers.

“We must stand against those who wish to drag us back to the dark days of the past and never forget those who were murdered.”