‘My mum always puts us first...’

Leah Mallon with her mum Kathryn and pet dog Buddy
Leah Mallon with her mum Kathryn and pet dog Buddy

A 14-year-old daughter eloquently sets out why her mum deserves a special treat

Kathryn Mallon from Donaghcloney is the winner of our amazing Mother’s Day competition- an overnight stay for two and afternoon tea at the luxurious Galgorm Resort & Spa, outside Ballymena.

Kathryn, was nominated by her 14-year-old daughter Leah, a Year 10 pupil at Banbridge Academy.

Leah sent in a beautifully decorated letter detailing why her mother deserved to win.

She wrote: ‘‘My mum deserves this special treat because she shows us unconditional love.

‘‘She certainly is a 24/7 mum, 365 days a year. She is bringing up four of us on her own and this is not an easy job. My mum always ensures that we don’t go without. That we always have clean clothes and plenty of wholesome food. That we are always on time for school and is always there when we get home from school with a tasty snack, even though she hasn’t had a full night’s sleep in six years due to the fact that my little brother was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He has to be injected four times daily and his bloods checked ever two hours day and night.

‘‘My mum always ensures that he lives life to the fullest and has the same opportunities as all of his friends and family. This is not easy for my mum as she suffers from psoriatic arthritis affecting most of her joints.

‘‘The opportunity to use the hydrotherapy pool (at the Galgorm) would help ease the pain in her joints.

‘‘My mum never gets time to relax, day or night. She always puts us first and to be able to treat her once would be a great blessing.

‘‘She is also turning 40 and this break would be an amazing early birthday present. I really hope my mum is selected for this prize as my siblings and I could never reward her with a fantastic prize like this.’’