Nesbitt praises Dublin approach to Rising centenary

Mike Nesbitt has championed libel law reform at Stormont
Mike Nesbitt has championed libel law reform at Stormont

The leader of the Ulster Unionist Party has praised the efforts of the Irish government to make the Easter Rising centenary commemorations inclusive.

Mike Nesbitt told the News Letter: “I believe the Republic’s government has made a genuine effort to move on from the 50th anniversary events around the Easter rebellion, to make the centenary more thoughtful and inclusive, reflecting all who died.”

Earlier this week, Ian Paisley’s widow, Baroness Paisley, expressed a similar sentiment.

Baroness Paisley told the News Letter: “I did follow it [the commemorations] and I thought it was done very well. That whole thing is part of their history – 100 years is a red letter day in the history of any country.” However, she added that 1916 had been a time of “terrible cruelty”.

Among the events organised by the Irish government is a May act of remembrance which will commemorate British soldiers who died during the Rising.