NI leaders attack Nazi flags display

Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson

Stormont’s First Minister and Deputy First Minister have condemned the erection of Nazi flags near the site of a loyalist bonfire.

The flags were attached to lampposts on the Glenfield estate in Carrickfergus yesterday.

Outraged residents removed them a short time later.

First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness added their voices to the widespread condemnation of the flags.

“Nazi flags have nothing to do with unionism,” DUP leader Mr Robinson tweeted.

“I commend the residents who removed them. Shameful that such flags were ever erected.”

Mr McGuinness posted an image of the Nazi flag on his Twitter account alongside a sinister picture that has emerged in recent days of masked loyalists standing beside graffiti in Belfast threatening Catholics with crucifixion.

“The overwhelming majority of the unionist people will be as disgusted as the rest of us at these displays of hatred,” the Sinn Fein chief commented.

The erection of loyalist paramilitary flags and a Confederate flag close to the bonfire site has also been condemned.