NI star Stuart Dallas shows he has a heart of gold

Stuart Dallas with the homeless man in Las Vegas
Stuart Dallas with the homeless man in Las Vegas

Northern Ireland football star Stuart Dallas has proved that not only is he a whizz at the ‘beautiful game’, but has a beautiful heart as well.

While on honeymoon with his new wife Juneve, the newly weds met a homeless man in Las Vegas.

And instead of just walking on by, the couple took him to a shop to buy whatever he needed.

Juneve posted a picture of Stuart and the man on Facebook, saying: “The amount of homeless people here is so sad.

“To bring this man into the shop and get him whatever he wanted, how much he appreciated it, the tears were rolling down his face.

“This world is so cruel.”

But a Cookstown woman, who has praised the amazing act of kindness, said it is not the only selfless act the Cookstown footballer has carried out in recent times.

Judith Wilson, whose eight-year-old son was unwell, said the winger paid Alex a visit the day after Northern Ireland’s massive homecoming celebration at the Titanic Quarter in Belfast, and just an hour before he left to go on honeymoon.

“He came to our home the day after the big night in the Titanic Quarter and one hour before he left for his honeymoon to see our Alex,” she told the Tyrone Times.

“He is eight and has been quite ill from March and was in and out of Antrim hospital from that time.

“My husband Stephen Wilson sent him a message to ask him could he come see Alex and spend some time with him.

“Stuart Dallas is Alex’s favourite Northern Ireland player and role model,” she added.

“He even had to get his hair done like his – and he replied within minutes saying he would love to come see Alex.

“Alex got the shock of his life when he opened the front door and Stuart was there.

“Honestly what a guy... And an absolute treasure to Cookstown.”