NI tourist killed by driver in Majorca


A tourist from Northern Ireland was killed in Majorca on Sunday by a driver who is understood to have failed both drink and drugs tests.

The victim, who has been named by Spanish authorities as 40-year-old A O’Bryan, was struck by a car on Calle Pinada in Magaluf at around 3am.

The Majorca D aily Bulletin website reported he was struck by a car and dragged more than 10 metres. They reported that medics were on the scene rapidly but were unable to revive him.

A spokeswoman for Calvia Council stated: “The person who died has been identified as a British tourist who had arrived (on Saturday) with a group of people to spend the weekend here.

“About 3am (on Sunday), he was knocked down and killed in Pinada Street in Magaluf.

“The driver of the vehicle involved, who is Spanish, has been arrested for manslaughter and for driving under the influence of alcohol. He failed both drink and drugs tests.

“The vehicle was apparently seen being driven aggressively through the streets of Magaluf just beforehand.”

Days earlier the Majorca Daily Bulletin reported that an 86-year-old cyclist was knocked off his bike and killed by a driver in Alcudia who tested positive for cocaine and for alcohol – three times over the limit.