Nigel Dodds warns EU’s ‘intransigence’ could lead to no deal Brexit

Nigel Dodds
Nigel Dodds

The “arrogance and intransigence” of the European Union over the issue of the Irish border is leading to the “real prospect” of a no deal Brexit, the DUP’s deputy leader has warned.

Nigel Dodds accused the Irish Government and the EU of “weaponising” the idea of an backstop for the border against the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland’s position within it.

“The United Kingdom simply cannot agree to the backstop which would break up the UK nor to something which doesn’t actually deliver Brexit,” the North Belfast MP added.

“Some have used and continue to abuse the border issue, and misrepresent the political process in Northern Ireland more generally, to try to subvert Brexit or detach Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom. That is totally unacceptable.”

Mr Dodds said Brussel’s “unacceptable demands” are bringing the prospect of a no deal closer and said something “radical” will have to be done to break the current impasse between the UK and EU.

“We will judge any proposals about the way forward against the test of whether they preserve and respect the political, constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom with no part hived off into separate EU arrangements, and deliver a sensible overall Brexit deal for the UK,” he concluded.