No SF response on IRA ‘battalion’ flag

One of the IRA flags near Divis tower
One of the IRA flags near Divis tower

Sinn Fein has not said whether it is responsible for putting up a raft of flags honouring an IRA “battalion”.

A number of green flags have appeared in west Belfast’s Lower Falls/Divis area marking the IRA’s “D Coy, 2nd Batt”.

They bear an image of a dog, since the gang was nicknamed The Dogs.

Online at, Sinn Fein sells “battalion” merchandise which features identical artwork.

The “2nd Battalion” was based in the Falls area according to the website, which would mean its members were responsible for such atrocities as the abduction of Jean McConville.

Sinn Fein was asked if it was behind the flags, but had not responded at time of writing.

The PSNI said it had received no complaints, but that it does not generally remove flags anyway, unless they are a threat to public safety.