No snow as Ulster faces wet Christmas

Central Edinburgh as heavy snow showers continue in Scotland
Central Edinburgh as heavy snow showers continue in Scotland

THERE is both good news and bad news for those hoping for snow over the Christmas period, forecasters said yesterday.

The good news is that there will be some snow in the UK over the festive break. The bad news is that it will be in the remote Scottish Highlands where nobody will be around to notice it.

Those were the predictions yesterday from Meteogroup UK, the weather unit of the Press Association.

A spokeswoman gave her predictions for Christmas Day in Northern Ireland: “It will be largely cloudy with outbreaks of rain. There will be rain in the east and it will be dry with sunny spells later.

“On Boxing Day it will be mainly dry with the chance of a few showers not being ruled out. Then, in the run-up to the New Year, it will be mild and unsettled with the chance of showers or long spells of rain.

“It is not the White Christmas that many people were hoping for. There is a chance of isolated wintry showers in the Scottish Highlands.”

In Great Britain yesterday a flood warning was given to the thousands of people travelling for the Christmas break.

People are being urged to plan ahead as the heavy rain disrupts road and rail journeys.

A number of services have been cancelled because of flooding, the National Rail website said.

The Environment Agency in the Midlands said 64 flood alerts and 21 flood warnings remain in place and Sterling has also been affected.