Nolan Show caller would ‘rather die’ than see Muslim doctor

BBC presenter Stephen Nolan - copyright BBC
BBC presenter Stephen Nolan - copyright BBC

BBC presenter Stephen Nolan described the comments made by a caller on his programme this morning, who said she would rather die than be treated by a Muslim doctor, as “frightening”.

A caller on the show named Janice from Belfast asked why “so many Muslims wanted to come to our country when there are so many Muslim countries they could go to?”

She also said she would not like to be treated by a Muslim doctor in hospital and would rather “go home and die”.

“Why should we the majority non-Muslim countries have to look after them,” Janice asked. “They obviously don’t want to integrate, they want to turn us all into Muslims.”

Stephen Nolan intervened, saying: “That is an outrageous statement to make.” He continued: “”It is outrageous. You live in Belfast and there are many decent Muslims living, working, breathing contributing to the economy. They are as much a Northern Irish citizen as you are.”

The Nolan Show presenter went on: “Janice, your prejudice is scary, it is absolutely freightening. I wonder if we would get more sense from a primary school child, who would not want to tar every single Muslim living in Northern Ireland, elsewhere in the UK and indeed in the world using your logic that every single one are of a particular mindset.”

The caller also added: “I am a decent person.”

Janice appeared to take exception to Mr Nolan’s intervention and questioned his neutrality, to which Stephen Nolan replied: “Mr Nolan told his listeners: “There is a particular base level about which all people in society would agree. To label any human being just because of their religion is something I am very comfortable challenging.”

He later reflected on the question of whether it is right to broadcast such views, saying: “That’s an extremely deeply offensive view and the judgement is you have got to hear it. It leads me to ask where does that view come from, where does that lack of knowledge and awareness come from?

“How many Janices are there in Northern Ireland?”