North Antrim: No one elected at the third count

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No one has been elected on the third count in North Antrim - but four candidates have now been eliminated.

Fifteen candidates were standing for six seats in the constituency but none reached the quota (5857) in the first count.

Four candidates - Kathryn Johnston (NI Labour Representation Committee), James Simpson (Conservative Party), Jennifer Breslin [Green] and the UUP’s Andrew Wright were eliminated.

The first count results were:

DUP - Paul Frew (5429), Phillip Logan (3635), David McIlveen (3209), and Mervyn Storey (5382).

UUP - Robin Swann (3585) and Andrew Wright (821).

TUV - Jim Allister (5399) and Timothy Gaston (1955).

SDLP - Connor Duncan (3093).

SF - Daithi McKay (5297).

Green Party -Jennifer Breslin (513).

Conservative Party - James Simpson (92).

NI Labour Representation Committee - Kathryn Johnston (243).

UKIP - Donna Anderson (1027).

Alliance Stephen McFarland (1318).

Votes polled in North Antrim were 41,464 (turnout 52.93%). The number of valid votes were 40998.