North Antrim recall petition to open after Paisley suspension

Ian Paisley
Ian Paisley

The first recall petition - which could see a by-election held in North Antrim - is to open today.

DUP MP Ian Paisley was suspended from the House of Commons for 30 days after his failure to register two family holidays paid for by the Sri Lankan government.

This triggered the recall procedure and should 10% of the electorate, or 7,543 people, sign a petition then a by-election will be held.

Mr Paisley had already apologised for what he said was his “unintentional failure” to register the hospitality, which he estimated was worth £50,000.

The petition will be open for signing for six weeks.

Mr Paisley, who has been MP for the constituency since 2010, following in the footsteps of his father, has said he would stand in a by-election if one is called.