NI Weather: summer heat returns as children return to school

As little ones make the transition back into the classroom, the mercury is set to rise.

Just as we started to believe summer is well and truly over, a Met Office spokesman has confirmed that Northern Ireland will soar to around 23 degrees this weekend.

And he scuppered any mention of an Indian Summer with "summer is not over yet so it can't be".

Richard Mills from the Met Office said: "The next few days in Northern Ireland will be warmer essentially than it has been.

"It will be generally dry with some sunny spells and showers moving across from the west. That will happen every day until Sunday."

He added that from Sunday "it will be warming up around the UK".

Sun returns as school starts

Sun returns as school starts

"There is some warm weather coming to the whole of the UK, warmer than it has been for the last couple of days, but that is not unseasonably warm as it is still summer."

He said temperatures in Northern Ireland will "remain in the late teens or the low 20's" until Sunday.

"However Sunday could see 23 degrees in some spots in Northern Ireland," he added.

"It will be a little colder on the coasts, but generally it is warming up.

"This is warmer than it has been in some time - but it is too early for an Indian summer, as it is still summer.

"As it stands temperatures are heading to slightly above average for this time of the year."