VIDEO: A visitor's view as Storm Ophelia reached Northern Ireland

This atmospheric video of Storm Ophelia in Belfast was taken by a German student.

Jolane Schaffner, 20, is living in Northern Ireland for six months while she spends part of her academic year at the University of Ulster.

Jolane Schaffner

Jolane, who describes herself as a "designer and a photographer," has already taken photographs all round the world.

She has taken images of the jungles of Thailand, while hiking in the Andes, or on a horse riding trip to the Mongolian steppes.

When the storm hit Northern Ireland in the middle of last month, Jolane went walking round a deserted Belfast city centre on Monday October 23 at just the time the buses stopped, 5.30pm, where she got this footage.

Her website is

Storm Ophelia in Belfast

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