VIDEO: Man skis from summit of Mount Errigal

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you and yes, the headline does read 'Man skis from summit of Mount Errigal'.

When most of us look out at the snow from the comfort of our warm and cosy comes, we think to ourselves 'it's lovely to look at but I am glad I am nice and warm inside'.

Iain Miller isn't 'most of us'.

On Thursday January 18, Iain and his pet dog, started their ascent to the summit of Mount Errigal in Co. Donegal.

The mountain was covered in snow so it would be fair to say that reaching the top was challenging.

However, experienced climber Iain wasn't too bothered about getting to the top it was how he was going back down again that he was excited about.

Iain Miller and his dog pictured during their descent of Mount Errigal Co. Donegal on January 18, 2018. (Photo: Iain Miller)

Iain brought his skis and ski poles along with him.

After a quick change of clothing at the top of the mountain and a sub-zero intake of breath, Iain began to ski, yes ski, down Mount Errigal.

Iain, who has spent the best part of 20 years climbing in both Donegal and the Orkney Isles, captured the entire white-knuckle descent on camera.

To watch the full length video of Iain skiing down Mount Errigal click here.

Rock climber and guidebook author Iain Miller lives in Donegal.

For more information on Iain Miller and rock climbing in Co. Donegal visit Iain's website

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