VIDEO: World’s first photo booth for dogs

MORE TH>N is launching the world's first passport photo booth for dogs.
MORE TH>N is launching the world's first passport photo booth for dogs.

The world’s first ever passport photo booth for dogs is launching this week.

Created by ‘MORE TH>N’, every single element of the ‘Paws-Port Photo Booth’ experience caters to man’s best friend.

The photo booth experience is completely free, and opens up to the public in London’s dog-walking hotspot Victoria Park from Thursday 22nd June.

Its range of features includes;-

• A pet friendly basket adjustable seat catering for any size dog, to ensure dogs both big and small can be seen on the camera

• A built-in speaker which will play a variety of noises - such as dogs barking and whistles being blown to alert the dogs to the camera

• Peep holes next to the camera containing squeaky balls which owners can squeeze to get their dog’s attention and raw meat to heighten their senses

The booth features touch-screen capability so owners can post pictures to social media there and then. As with a normal passport photo booth, resulting photos will also be available in squares of four, for owners to take away and use in their pet’s passport.

Chris Bainbridge, Pet Product Manager at MORE TH>N, said: “We are seeing an increase in the number of dog owners taking their pet on holiday, with weekend breaks and summer getaways no longer reserved solely for the enjoyment of two-legged family members.

“Accounting for this trend, our Pet Paws-Port Photo Booth is designed to raise awareness that – just like us - a dog requires a passport before they can travel abroad. And what better way of doing this than giving owners the opportunity to capture the best possible picture of their canine for their travel documents this summer!

“Just as it is for the rest of your family, insurance cover for your pet is also absolutely essential while on holiday. While most good pet insurance products will include European cover for pets as a standard, you should always check you have this policy in place before you travel to ensure you’re covered if anything does happen when overseas.

“We would also recommend that owners check the location of the nearest vet to their holiday accommodation and have the telephone number stored in the phones before they travel - ready in case of any emergencies.”

The booth will also feature at DogFest on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25thJune in Knebworth, between 9:30am – 5:00pm.