Officer who lost wife to cancer is ‘humbled’

PSNI officer Sam Hoey who has been awarded a Queen's Police Medal
PSNI officer Sam Hoey who has been awarded a Queen's Police Medal

Among those PSNI officers who were recognised for their service in the New Year’s Honours was Sam Hoey.

The 50-year-old officer who is based in Newry and South Armagh said he “eats and breaths” the police and was “humbled” by the award of a Queen’s Police Medal.

Mr Hoey lost his wife Diane to cancer in 2010 and his brother-in-law Philip Duffie, a fellow police officer, to the same disease two years later.

When he told his family of the award he was reminded how proud the pair would have been of his achievement.

As an events planner Mr Hoey has been instrumental in bringing about changes to the patrolling style in South Armagh since the withdrawal of military support in 2007. He was responsible for the move from helicopter and foot patrols to vehicle patrols.

He has also been involved in community policing and said he had built up some wonderful contacts on both sides of the community.

Mr Hoey said: “This award isn’t for me. It’s for the team. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some very good colleagues and bosses, who have been extremely supportive, especially around the time Diane was ill.”

Other recipients of the Queen’s Police Medal included Detective Chief Inspector Anne Marks, an officer with over 20 years’ experience on safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and Inspector Robin Gouk, who is currently serving in north Belfast.

Retired Detective Superintendent Graham McCrory was awarded the MBE for Services to Policing and the Community over 31 years.