One in four young people feel community does not care about them, charity says

A worried teenager
A worried teenager

A quarter of young people in Northern Ireland feel "dangerously disconnected" from the community, a youth charity has warned.

The Prince's Trust and HSBC UK research showed that young people in the region feel their community does not care about them.

A YouGov poll of 3,120 11 to 30 year-olds from across the UK measures a young person's "stake in society" through factors such as whether they feel people in their community care about them and if they feel they can make an impact on their community.

The overall stake in society score for young people in Northern Ireland is 61, which is equal to the national score.

About a quarter of young people (26%) believe that people in their community do not care about them and 14% do not believe their actions have an impact in their community.

When asked about positive influences, almost half of young people in Northern Ireland (45%) do not believe they have role models in their community.

Nationally, the research suggests that, after the age of 20, young people are increasingly less likely to believe they will achieve their dream career. Thirty per cent of 21 to 25 year-old's who have not achieved their dream career still believe they can do so. However, this falls to just 23% of 26 to 30 year-olds.

Mark Dougan, director of The Prince's Trust in Northern Ireland, said the research indicates that young people are feeling removed.

"Our research shows that young people in Northern Ireland are dangerously disconnected from their communities in early adulthood, at exactly the point when they should be more invested," he said.

"We make it our mission at The Prince's Trust to continually raise the aspirations of young people and give them role models to help them achieve in life. We need young people to know that their actions do matter.

"To enhance our work we have just launched UK2030, a taskforce that has the express purpose of increasing the opportunities for young people in self-employment and other employment settings.

"Our vision is that by 2030, we live in a country that puts the needs of young people first so that young people can meet the needs of their country."